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Money-back Guarantee

Customers may change their minds and consider canceling their orders. We understand that circumstances may be different and provide assistance in these situations. Our service has developed a refund policy that allows you to cancel orders at any stage of their completion. The reimbursement varies depending on the order completion stage because we want to consider and balance the interests of our writing experts and customers. See the following cases to understand how it works.


If you decide to cancel the order and get a refund and no expert has started working on your task, we will return your funds in full. You can check the order’s status in the system to identify whether the expert has been selected.


You can get this reimbursement sum if an expert already works with your order, but more than half of the overall time for completing the assignment remains. 

Up to 50%

Your refund may vary between 30% and 50% if more than half of the time provided for the order completion has passed. 

Up to 30%

At After receiving the update on the completion and delivery of the order, you may choose not to download the task and claim reimbursement. We carefully consider each case and will make an exception for you if the circumstances and reasons for the refund request are beyond your control. 

If the order has been completed and delivered on time, you have no opportunity to cancel the order in the system. We allow customers to request a partial refund if they are dissatisfied with the quality. Use this procedure and specify the reasons for the partial refund, and we will check your case with full understanding.