Is your service confidential?

A guarantee you can always expect from our service is the protection of your personal data. We understand that you may be concerned about your privacy, especially when placing your first order. But we assure you that there’s no need to worry. All the data we collect is only meant to improve our service. No private information is disclosed publicly.

How fast can you complete my assignment?

Our experts are doing everything they can to complete your orders fast. We have a variety of deadlines. If you’d like your order to be as affordable as possible, we recommend that you place it as early as possible. But the shortest deadline option we have is about 4 hours.

What kind of assignment can I order?

We work with a variety of disciplines. You can order a simple coding assignment or a complex project. As we have a large and diverse team of professionals working on your orders, we can find someone with expertise in your particular language of programming.

Can your experts use my draft?

They sure can. When you’re filling in the order form, you’re asked to attach the files that can help us. Those include not only the instructions and the sources you’d like the expert to use but also the draft (if you have one). If you attach your draft, the expert will use it when working on your order.

Can I request a specific expert to work on my assignment?

If it’s not your first time working with us, you’re more than welcome to request the expert you already know. This is what most of our clients do. We understand that if you’re requesting a specific expert, it means that you’re happy with their quality of work and trust them to help you again. We appreciate that.

Can I have my order revised if I don’t like it?

If you receive the order and find that it doesn’t exactly match your expectations (for example, the expert failed to follow part of the instructions), you can request a free revision. Just make sure to explain what you’d like to be fixed thoroughly so that the expert knows what to do.

Can I get a refund?

If you feel like the order misses the mark completely even after the revision (or if you don’t feel like a simple revision will be enough to fix it), you can request a refund. Our dispute resolution team will review the case and decide whether or not the order is eligible for a full or partial refund.

I am an ESL student. Can your experts write an assignment using simpler language so that I can understand it?

We have a lot of ESL clients. If you want the assignment to be written in a simpler language, please indicate that English isn’t your first language in the order form. You’ll still get a well-written and grammatically correct order, but the expert working on it will make sure not to use overly complicated vocabulary or sentence structures.

Can I be in touch with the expert working on my assignment?

Once your order is assigned to an expert, you can stay in touch with them. Feel free to message them if you have any questions or clarifications or even if you simply want to check in on their progress. You can also contact the support team and pass your message on to the expert if you have any problem reaching them directly.